Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Absolutely nothing


Had to share a giggle for those techy peeps out there.  While reading through Wil Wheaton's blog (a catchup if you will)  I found a post about a "new" product from Sony as reported by The Onion.  Now The Onion is news site of complete satire - Absolutely nothing is true.  But in some cases can become true - 5 blade razor for example but I digress.

If you are offended in anyway by bad language DO NOT click on the link.
If you clicked on the link and were offended, so not my fault. You were warned!

If you have gaming consoles - the "news" flash would have been funny as the Sony PlayStation 3  is almost utter crap.  We got ours primarily as it was one of the cheapest blue ray players out on the market at that time (no we cant wait for anything!).  Flow is about the only game that is played on our PS3 and at that only DL plays it on a regular basis.  

For those who didnt click on the link - the "news" was about Sony releasing an electronic gadget that does absolutely nothing and the only reason it seems to be in existence is to drive people crazy trying to figure out how it works.

On the stitchy front I didnt get anything picture worthy done last night.  Barely over 100 stitches on Wolves - not even enough to update the % complete bar.  I was really lazy.  Only reason those x's were done was due to a patch I was waiting to be completed for WAR and had to do something with my fingers and was determined not to break out bubble breaker on my phone.  Somedays absolutely nothing is pretty good


  1. The Onion rocks! LOL... good to see stitching doesn't keep you too serious.
    OMG!!! Hi, Isabel. It's Leigh... Jaime's old friend. We hung out back in the day. So glad to see that you're doing well. Congrats on the great family.

  2. LOL, I get a kick out of The Onion.

    Sometimes doing nothing is pretty good, although I admit I can't wait to see your progress on Wolves. :)