Sunday, January 25, 2009

still around =

sort of.   The quick cold D had has morphed for me.  I wont go in to the gooy details - but Im not pleased.

We did get out to Walmart for price comparisons and I can honestly say that they dont have that great of prices than we can find at Winco (food stuffs), Target (home stuffs) and Fred Meyer (organics and produce).  It could be if we had a store closer to us, it may be different but its just not worth the drive (25 miles) when we can get what is needed within 5.

I have been working on Holly Faerie 

and Tanglewood.  

My head is just not happy enough to try working on LOTR (too small)

Thx for visiting :o)


  1. Tang;lewood seems to be growing quite quickly now.

    The fairy looks a bit like a dragon at the moment.

  2. Your Holly and Tanglewood looks nice.

  3. Oh, goodness--I don't have a cold and Tanglewood would still be a challenge for me! I like Holly (and Tanglewood too, of course). You're so right about the water damage hitting you in the pocket--you'd think we'd moved the house to the edge of a flood-prone river though!