Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back from the brink

Gotta love Zycam!  A week long nasty virus (the kind that throws you hard in bed and stomps on your head) was reduced to 3 days or so of being miserable at first and do-able towards the end.  I think I would be better off if I didnt have asthma but since I do, its all landed in my lungs - which is trying to cough out the world (sorry for tmi).  We used the kind that swab your nose with - better than the mist.

Stitchy news - I started Holly Faerie, how could I not?  Its new, unstitched, and shiny!!  

I also tried to start my LOTR monster but try stitching 28ct 2x1 while your head/eyes are trying to focus on 4-8 different things all at the same time?  Not good while in the midst of a nasty cold.  I have determined that what I have stitched (almost 1 10x10 square) will be ripped out and restarted.  I have chosen to stitch this piece using a tent stitch.  So add the small stitches with a new stitch (to me) and it is a mess.  I think I will stick with 32ct 2x2 stuff for now and hope to get back to LOTR in a week or so, depending on when my brain & eyes choose to focus on the same items at the same time (lol)

Thx for visiting!

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  1. Hope you are feeling better.
    Looking forward to seeing your stitching.
    Debra in Indiana