Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Cake!

Tuesday night stitch group brought more birthday celebrations as my friend Elizabeth brought cake for us to enjoy for my birthday :)  Chocolate with creamy raspberry filling (YUM!).  Then after group a few of us walked over to the local tavern and had drinks and food.  Much fun was had by all.

I was able to fight off the urge to purchase Holly Faerie (and all the needed accouterments that she needs).  Trying to be good and not get anything new especially as I have those BAPs I want to get started in the next couple of months.

Which leads me to a question - 18 ct Aida or 25 ct evenweave (1 over 1)?  Ive never done  1 over 1 and my tries stitching with 22 ct aida have been very sad.  With the 2 LOTR baps, I dont want to become discouraged and stop not to mention that aida is a tad cheaper than lugana or jobelan.  AND as every square will be filled Aida seems the way to go.  This thinking is making my brain hurt!

No pic updates on Mine all Mine.  No stitching Monday, first day back to work was a killer :oP.  And last night had me gabbing more than stitching although I did get a bit completed.


  1. I started a HAED on 25 ct aida 1/1 I might try 2/1 for better coverage. Sometimes it's best to play around and see how it looks.
    A stitch group.. how lucky you are.

  2. Is it for a HAED design? You can use two threads on 18 count aida but I would do 1 on 25 count lugana. Lugana is the best for doing over 1 on HAEDS. You have to be happy so choose what you are comfy with esp if it is a large project. x