Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Minding my own business and a darn frog decides to take up residence in Mine all Mine.  It may take a bit of surgery to oust him.  *sigh*  Could this be a sign to move on to another wip?  could be...  due to the ugly frog, pictures will not be taken as they may be too frightening to look at (lol)

Not sure if Ive posted about this yet but P made the honor roll this past quarter!  I am so proud of him.  I think he is getting the concept of what studying and getting homework done (and handed in) can do for a person :o) 

Ive started doing stairs at work.  The main department (outside my own) that I work with moved from the 10th floor to the 2nd.  I live on the 4th so it seems silly to take an elevator to go down two stories.  Was too hard on the knees going up or down 6.  Figure its better than nothing :oP

Thank you to those who answered my post this morning on what to do with the LOTR bap fabric wise.  I was fondling a piece of 25ct lugana yesterday at stitch group and wondering how stiff the 18ct aida would be.  I still think I will do the LOTRs in 18ct aida as they should be somewhat poster size but any HAEDs or other baps I may do in the future I think I will do on 25ct.  Able to put more on the wall that way.

Again, thanks for the wonderful comments and stopping by to check on progress.

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