Friday, January 9, 2009

Finally Friday!

Such a big TGIF!  Long, long week - but a good one.  Had a great birthday, fun wishes from everyone including a lovely song my a SIL praising the fact that Im older than her!  Had a good laugh when I heard it.  The kids were in school ALL WEEK!  Found out that P made the honor roll last qtr - nice end to a hard three months. 

To top off this week I have exacerbated my TMJ by eating lots of steak over the past few weeks.  Mine is more of the muscle getting really tight and causing a headache that wraps right over my head from where my jaw joint is.  The steaks were good (and roasts, mmm) but have to take it easy going forward.

On the stitch front I made great progress with Mine all mine over the last part of Dec/Jan (so far) but then had a nasty frog show up - I almost want to call it a toad (its that ugly).  So it got put away supposedly for the SAT tonight but nope not gonna pull it back out yet.  I worked a bit on When Witches go Riding and for the SAT pulled out another WIP - Sunflower House.

What is it about stray threads that you have pulled - waiting to use them on a part of a project and they go for a walk-about?  And what makes a stitcher put down their project and go looking for them??  Its not as if its the last bit of that thread I have available, there's more waiting right in front of me on the damn bobbin and all its needing is for me to pull off a length and snip but nope I have to go looking.  Took about 5-10 min (including me asking D if I had blue string hiding on my backside), looking everywhere I had been in the house tonight only to find it in the middle of the kitchen floor - no clue how it got there, got nothing.

Good stitching tonight - Finished everything but the special stitches for the middle of the flowers, which are pinwheels and I have no clue how to do them.  That is where stitch group comes in!  So next group I will be taking this bad boy in and getting it FINISHED!!  Booya!

Start SAT tonight

Finish SAT tonight

Now I leave you with a pic showing Homer actually playing.  A very fuzzy pic but it was him & DL with D making the light move.


  1. Sunflower house looks lovely! The frog came by here recently too...very aggravating.

  2. Nice stitching.
    Debra in Indiana