Sunday, December 7, 2008

Too busy weekend

Way too busy. Had Friday off (all fridays this month!) and did NOTHING! Really sad. Have a couple presents to finish up and ornies to work on. I did get 2 whole rows completed in the santa ornie Im working on but that is it all weekend.

The whole family went out for price comparison shopping at the local grocery stores (and Target) to see where items we purchase are cheaper. Winco is the winner for most items but we just cant buy produce from the local store - too gross. Target has the best prices for TP, paper towels and bath stuff (shampoo, soap toothpaste). Fred Meyer isnt bad for produce and its the only place we will get eggs (egglands best) and milk (organic) - Well, Trader Joes has the milk at times so it can be a trade off.

Then today we went grocery shopping (after I made the week's dinner choices) and got THE TREE!! First tree we have had in over 13 years. D swears we had one in the last house we were in, but I think he's missing a few bricks on that. We got the tree up this afternoon and had to wait for it to dry off (Pac NW - what do you expect?) before we could trim it. So after dinner while D was making cranberry bars, the boys and I trimmed the tree. Looks pretty nice if we do say so :o)

Hopefully I will have some actual stitchy pics tomorrow. Here's hoping for relaxing time.

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