Saturday, December 13, 2008

Stitch update

While I did do some stitching last night, it just wasnt enough to post before and after pics on. Im blaming the cranberry bliss bars and that white Zinfandel wine goes great with them. After a glass Im just worthless - too mellowed out to do anything.

This morning had me going through the cookbooks to get the the shopping list ready for today. Then while catching up on blog reading I remembered that tonight is Canned Nuts at A&T (stitching group/party from 6-12)! Dang I almost forgot! D laughed at me and that I always tend to frog what I stitch at these functions but they are so fun! I loose count and mess up. I laughed at him for remembering the correct terms (lol)

Well Im off to the store to stock up for the week and then getting a double batch of spaghetti sauce cooking for later in the week.


  1. Daffy I'll pick you up and we can join her for the wine too!

  2. White wine distracts me from my stitching as well!!