Friday, December 12, 2008

Another homemade dinner

Tonight the menu called for Turkey pot pie and went surprisingly well. Bonus for me is that I got the kids to eat potatoes (again this week) that were not in the form of a french fry! Go Mom! I did try and keep parts of the chicken used in this weeks dinners for the pie but as luck would have it, there was nothing left over. I need to take that as a compliment and stop complaining. Just happy I had a turkey breast that needed grilling.

Part of today was spent at Craft Warehouse getting fat 1/4s for gift and ornie backings and trying to work out what the heck Im gonna do to finish Bethlehem. I got the Styrofoam to make a cube, but didnt find the fabric that meshed will with the thread. Didnt have time to make it to Joanns. Also need to pause by Michaels to get glue and try and find some heavy card stock for the ornies. One wonders why Craft Warehouse didnt, they seamed to have everything else for scrap booking known to mankind. Just not card stock thick enough for my needs.

As I posted earlier, we are 'supposed' to get snow this weekend. Well, today the only thing we seemed to miss was hail, thunder and lightening. I swear we had just about everything else. Heavy rain, snow mixed in and then bang! the sun would come out. Then Bang it would be raining and dark clouds all over again.

Corrently working on stitchy stuff for tonight's Lets Stitch SAT. Pictures posted later :)

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  1. You know, I've been cooking a lot lately too. Do you suppose it's the economy or the weather? lol

    Pot pie sounds good too...