Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Still no stitching

But dinner was wonderful! Homemade spaghetti sauce, biscuits (that were flat but we wont go there) and noodles cooked wonderfully in my AWESOME microwave. Whirlpool gold Convection microwave - Highly recommended (it grills, convects, steams, bakes, cooks and waves!)! The sauce recipe made so much we will be having more spaghetti tomorrow :oP I warned the troops already and got the groans out of the way from DL, even though I will get more tomorrow.

Good note on the boys. Report card time came and both did spectacular this quarter. P's was mailed and I was able to pull a fast one on him - tossed him the envelope and told him he had some 'splain' to do! Cue him opening the envelope and getting confused. Muhaha! Couldnt explain the B's and 1 A. We both had a good laugh. DL's came this week via him. Opening that envelope I steeled myself for an iffy report but was very pleasantly surprised to see a great report. A huge change from last year and a big reason is his teacher - she is fantastic! High praises all around all week, reinforcing the wonderful grades.

What is it about the middle of the week - no good TV? On anything! We've got Direct TV - hundreds of channels and nothing.

So on that note - its off to bed and watch Ant Wars - again

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  1. Glad to hear good report cards came your way. This is Jessie's finals week at college...she's pretty confident but you really never know, do you?

    No nothing good on here either...thank goodness for DVDs!