Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the blahs

Ive got them. Just cant get motivated to do much of anything. It may be due to the ultra busy weekend, then rushing around Monday and Tuesday morning getting the crock pot dinners prepared and going. It was all I could do to keep awake last night. May also be due to it being dark at 4:30pm! And cold. And dreary. And damp (not technically raining but drippy).

While no stitching has really been accomplished I was able to read through some of the library books I had lying around. Returned an armful yesterday. Some good, some not-so-good but none so bad I couldnt finish :o) Tried to get a couple more yesterday but their self check out stations were on the fritz and I didnt have time to spend 15 min in line - had to rush and get P from Lego Robotics and back home to turn off dinner.

For dinner last night it was Roasted Chicken ala crock pot. The roasted chicken recipe I wanted to use had me watching the oven and basting every 30 min. Couldnt do that and get P from school. So I cheated! Everything to go in the roasting pan got SHOVED into my big crock pot. Only thing I had to change was upping the temp to high for the last 2 hrs so the chicken would get completely cooked and the potatoes on the top would soften up. On top of all that, I made homemade chicken gravy. That was a first and didnt turn out to bad. Had enough for D and I to have reruns for lunch today but nothing left to add to the pot pie Im planning on making Friday. Tonight is spaghetti with homemade sauce and NO Im not starting that in the morning. I need a break!

Today my cross-stitch student and I will be going over how to do back stitching. She is fast for a beginner. Not sure what we will work on next :o)

Well, off to get a DL on the bus for school!

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