Monday, December 1, 2008

More Ornies (again)

Well, at least one more. I started this one in early November and just completed as much as Im gonna today.

O Christmas Tree 18 ct Aida
2007 JCS ornie issue

I had wanted to get more accomplished today - last day off til - Friday! but not to be. Took P to the dr to find out what was causing his back to hurt, Turns out to be a pissed off muscle right behind his shoulder blade (I hate those!). So its heat, streaching exercises and advil.

I made a Wonderful crock-pot chicken 'n dumpling dish today. Made the house smell so yummy all day long. Was a hit for D & DL, with P saying ok. Jury says it made the line up for dinner. Crockpot meatloaf is on for tomorrow night (if I can get everything going in the morning :op)

Finally I got started on another ornie. Santa by Knotted Tree NeedleArt from the 2007 JCS ornie issue. I wanted to make this earlier in the season but needed the red beads.

Now off to bed


  1. This one is sweet!

    Ouch~I hate pulled muscles!

  2. Very cute finish. Ok, so I'm really interested in that crockpot chicken and dumplings recipe!