Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What is it about...

vacation or time off from work that seems to invite colds in? I have all week off (3 whole days with no kids or D) and this morning I wake up to congestion! So not fair! So now Im downing airborne in the hopes it will trick my bod into thinking it actually works and the wanna-be cold will take a hike.

Today will be spent cleaning and cooking for Thanksgiving. The inlaws are coming over for dinner tomorrow and we have planned for a feast enough for 10+ people (there will only be 6). That just means I wont have to cook for the rest of the week (hopefully).

On the menu for tomorrow:
Turkey - with stuffing
homemade cranberry sauce
green bean casserole
steamed corn
homemade pumpkin pie
homemade pumpkin bread (with cranberries)

Im making the cranberry sauce, bread and pie today. I was thinking about making some biscuits but not sure if I have the energy or time. The smell of the cranberry sauce is wonderful! Cant wait to smell the bread and pie later. Tomorrow the ham, turkey (in the convection oven), green beans and corn will be done in time for dinner.

Just thinking of the smells reminds me of Thanksgiving mayhem at Grandmas (my dad's mom) and the 100+ people that would show up. The only thing missing is the smell of the wood stove (she had the old farm house stove) and cider.

Stitching wise Ive been working on Sampler Winter by Marika Belifori. I started it Monday night and Im about 1/2 way done. After I finished Bethlehem, I price framing it. Yikes! Not sure what Im gonna do. I have til 12/8 to decide whether to frame it or cube it. As it will be traveling from Oregon to Calif. The cube might be easier (non breakable and easier to ship). Now its pricing the materials needed for the cube vs framing it... The other items Ive made for gifts this year will be made into cubes - I just need to get the stuff to finish them :o)


  1. It all sounds wonderful. I love how your piece turned out below....beautiful

  2. Sods law with the congestion.

    The menu looks impressive hope you have a great day.