Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving spread

was fantastic. I even made a chocolate pie for the kids. Inlaws came by around 3:30ish, we had dinner around 4pm and they left around 7. was a good day. I barely had enough energy to put everything away before falling into bed.

We tried to hit ToysRUs this morning but the item I wanted was gone (of course) and its on backorder online (I hate shopping!). Boys complained how loud it was, guess my head is still so plugged that I didnt notice anything different.

After we got home, P did a trial run of his science project - plastic made from milk & vinegar. Nasty smelling stuff as even I could smell the vinegar. And the end result (so far) looks like baby puke.

I am now at work on Sampler Winter and may have it completed today.

Its stitching pretty quickly - once I park in a chair (or am able to) and work on it. This is what Im working on for today's SAT. Havent really picked out what I will work on next but I have a few items kitted up for Christmas ornies...

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