Sunday, October 12, 2008


Another Sunday - which means going back to work tomorrow...

SAT update on Noah & Crew - I did work on this a bit Friday, completed 3 sections of the boat but not enough to warrant a pic.

Ive spent alot of time this weekend playing WAR with D. Its been fun even though Im back to playing a healer. Stitcking to what Im used to I guess.

Took the boys to visit Dad & Mom yest. Unfortunately P spent most of the time with his nose in his DS and DL was poking his nose where it didnt belong (everywhere!) Dad is just not up to moving around as much as DL wants him to. DL does think the "cut" in papa's arm is weird. P hasnt made much comment either way.

We will be going to the other grandparents today for my FIL's birthday. D got the present and the boys have made cards.

Thx for visiting

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