Friday, October 10, 2008

Lets Stitch SAT

Im joining in BeckySC's SAT. I figured that even if I wasnt able to get in the blog theres no reason why I cant play along.

Before I show my pre-SAT pic of the project chosen I want to show update pic of Tanglewood.
Ive got one branch completed and another ready for outline stitches with another close behind. This project has been great to stitch while riding MAX to and from work.
Now on to the SAT project. Noah & Crew is a Christmas gift for my BIL, that is if its completed by Christmas :oP
Dad update
As far as I know he is doing good. Good nights sleep is a bit difficult to come by as he is on a aero bed that seems to have a small leak. His new Select Comfort bed has been orderd and we are just waiting for it to be delivered. So far the darn thing hasnt even been shipped. *sigh. I will be taking the boys over for a visit tomorrow afternoon.

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