Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dad Update

Good day for dad!

Got to the hospital at 7pm, showed Dad the picture Devon made for him, told him about the first and second days of school both kids had and got a smile out of him!

He is wants to talk so bad! And do his usual gestures and shrugs (so dad) but some movement takes him beyond the happy zone.

They are slowly working his O2 levels down to normal, weaning him of the vent - thats good news. Hoping sometime this weekend or next week that he will be completely off.

So nice to see his eyes tonight.


  1. That sounds very positive. You must be relieved.

  2. Continuing to send healing wishes to your dad. It sounds like he is making progress. Take care.

  3. YAY! I'm SO happy to hear this :o)

  4. I'm glad to hear it...sure hope that infection is taken care of...