Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dad Update

***May contain graphic material, viewer discretion advised***
Dad did have surgery last night. Im not sure if there was a permanent VAC dressing placed but I do know he did have a skin graft put on the right side. The Drs are pretty sure the infection has been cleared up so now comes the long recovery haul.

There was a hope to move him to Emmanuel from Sunnyside but Emmanuel does not have the space for him at the moment. Would have been nice as Emmanuel is a bit closer to home and I could have taken MAX instead of driving.

Talked with Mom earlier and she said there is a possibility of the ventilator (breathing tube) coming out today. Great news - so we can chat with him :o)

Thanks for your thoughts.


  1. This is wonderful news Rachel! :o)

  2. I read everyday your dad's progress but didn't have time to stop by until now. I hope everything will get much better soon. Let's cross pout finger for a speedy recovery ;)