Saturday, August 9, 2008

Reunion after effects

The HS reunion was fun and just like some family reunions, a little goes a looong way. Friday night was a meet at a bar situation. From what I heard, the party moved from the original place to 2 others and the diehards ended up at some one's house or hotel until 6am Sat. Sad to say that my body starts flicking the lights around midnight these days and makes me pay for it if I stay up much later than that.

The tour of the HS was fun. They have completely remodeled the school so that there is really only 2 buildings left that were there when I graduated! P was giddy as we were able to look at the science wing - even though he wont be going there.

Now for the after effects - (RANT alert!!). Few friends I care to keep in touch with asked me to create a facebook account. Easier for communication - sharing of pics - whatever. So I create one, easy to do, find friends to chat with and do the whole round about of 'asking' to be included in their circle of friends. Then what to I get tonight in MY email but a notice that one of my "old friends" is asking to be placed in my circle.

The background story - She was a great friend of mine from Sophomore year HS on to end of Freshman year of college then we lost touch. Fast forward to my wedding. Somehow she finds out Im getting married, sends me a letter letting me know whats gone on in her life and wouldnt it be neet to get together. I respond in the affirmative but nothing happens - no response from her. Forward a few more years to last year. Im interested in how she is doing, find her email, exchange family info and what we've been up with. Offer to meet her for coffee after school starts (we both have kids) and hear NOTHING. For the past year, all Ive gotten is a couple email spamm (more of the "help send " " cards they are in the hospital and want to get 5000 cards before they die" or "send this on to 10 people and you too will get your wish granted). Ive actually been waiting for another one so I could reply back to let her know that if she doesnt want to really talk with me to remove me from her spamm sendings.

In my old age (lol only 38) life is too damn short to be waiting by the phone (or computer) waiting for anyone to call. I feel that Ive done as much waiting as I ever needed to do for this person and dont feel hungry for the promise of any more carrots!

-Rant off

On to sunnier things -

Other than the reunion, not much stitching on Sunflower House happened today. Ive been trying to find things that I HAVE to use the chart for so I can leave the block fill in's for MAX rides. I was able to sneak by A&T to pick up charts (YEA! stash!) and will have pics of those tomorrow.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments, they are great keeping me going on my projects :o)


  1. Yeah I have a best friend like that. In fact I haven't heard from her since she text me around her birthday to say she was too busy to talk to me and all I'd done was wish her a happy birthday.

    just to let you know that my has been disabled by those at blogger for the past 3 weeks and I am now using my blog. I hope you will come and check it out when you have time.


  2. Facebook is a funny thing. I'd much rather add a stitcher with a blog who I don't know all that well IRL than some of my "friends" that I know and don't care to have in my circle of friends. What is worse is when some mutual friend sends me a Facebook message about "You should add Mr. X because you have 10 friends in common." Yes, I KNOW Mr. X, but I would rather add Hannibal Lecter as a friend than Mr. X!

  3. I'm glad you had fun at the reunion. Don't you dare add that lady to your friends circle! Rant all you want~that's what friends are for!

  4. I think we all have "friends" like that. I don't sit and wait by the phone for anyone. If they call or email, fine. If not, that's fine too. Probably why I don't have many people I would call my "friend". I look at it this way: I put as much into friendships as they give. No give, they don't get. It's sad, too, because I'm a very giving and thoughtful person. But, like you, waiting around for carrots got old. I can relate to how you feel. :)

  5. Ah, Facebook is a minefield. A friend actually "comitted facebook suicide", as another friend aptly put it, because she was sick of getting friend requests from people she had no intention of talking to again. I drop by facebook every other week, check to see if anything interesting has popped up, then click 'ignore all' on the millions of puppies, vampires and rubbish I get sent.

    Sounds like you had an interesting reunion. My five year reunion (which totally reveals my age!) was last year, and I completely ignored it. Because a) it's not like we'd done anything to go back and see what everyone's up too - most of us were still living at home and stuff and b) anyone I'd wanted to keep in contact with I already had done so. So what was the point?