Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am completely beside myself!

Tanglewood thread pack FINALLY came in!!! *gasp! Another stitchy project to start I have waited months for the thread pack to come in. Perfect timing for the PAX weekend! (wont D be thrilled - Ive found something else to stitch and not play games!)

Another stitchy squeal for the gold beads that arrived so I can really get cruising on Celtic Autumn. I was only able to finish one row and start on another today. Thats it - no other stitches. On anything! The day just went by so quickly. bummer.

Thank you for your comments on my post on P's bus and school yesterday. Although his day will start insanely early, its really not that much earlier than he usually gets up. For some strange, bizarre reason - this kid can go to bed around 10pm-midnight and bounce back awake and ready to face the world around 6am the next day. If he didnt look like my clone (ok, male version of me) I would be calling the hospitals searching for MY kid. I keep waiting for that ugly teenager I know is lurking inside to pop out and be rude and belligerent and refuse to get up at these insane hrs. I will miss these days when that happens.

D and I are not morning people, in fact Ive only been able to get up early on a regular basis recently (over the past 4 years or so) due to my need to own the bathroom in the morning without D getting in my way. And now, 6am is normal for me. Its just so sad!

Other family news (Auntie Bert this is for you!)- My dad is in the hospital with an infection (Im thinking cyst) near an armpit. This plus not feeling well (or it being the cause) for the past week, having an MRI on Monday has led him to not eating/drinking properly and Im sure not taking his insulin on a regular basis (not that its been regular to begin with *sigh). Mom just called and let me know he's hooked up to fluids and getting the infection drained (hence cyst thinking) AND she is staying overnight with him. MEN! Im hoping the phone call in the morning is with better news.

Thx for visiting :o)


  1. Sounds like you have lots of new projects to be getting on with.

    I hope your dads soon on the mend.

    Teenagers nothing can prepare you for it, but it does pass!! One advantage of them sleeping a lot is all the stuff you can get done before they wake up and get under your feet. Mind of course if you've been silly enough to tidy/clean the house they will immediately undo all your work.

  2. My prayers are with your dad.

  3. I wish my daughter was like your son...she is a right royal pain at first waking and it doesn't matter how much sleep she gets!

  4. What's the Tanglewood thread pack?

    I'm sorry tohear about your dad :o( I hope they can treat whatever it is and he's better soon. (((HUGS)))