Monday, August 25, 2008

Celtic Autumn Update

Beads and more beads :o) While I didnt have too much trouble with these (other than 5 that were just to small to fit my needle through), just cant sew stitch with beads. I can feel good that I have the first two rows completed
Now for the close-up

On the home front - we received P's school packet and found when he gets to catch the bus in the morning...6:39 AM!!! O M G that is early.

To bring everyone up current, P is going to a magnet middle school (environmental science) and to accommodate all the magnet schools, the school district has staggered the hrs so all magnet schools start at an INSANE time (7:40am). Does explain why the buses for elementary are constantly late. He has decided to get up at 5:30am so he can wake up, get ready, eat breakfast (I wont budge on that) and get to the bus. We still need to get outside clothes for him - hiking books, good water bottle and rain gear - all for school.

Next week sounds like it will be a trial for all of us. Getting the kids to bed, getting up early and just getting moving that early... Well I did want to get walking earlier in the day rather than after work - guess this is enabling me to do that ;o)

Thank you all for stopping by and checking out my little corner of the inter-web


  1. Like your work on Celtic Autumn but can you stop now please, as your only making me want to start on mine and I'm trying to be good and wait for the SAL to start ;-)

    As an ex-teacher I think those hours are crazy. Good luck.

  2. OMG Rachel. What a ridiculous time to have kids get up and be out for school! I am up at 6am every day with Riley, but 5.30am is just too early. Poor kid is gonna be shattered after a couple of weeks of doing that.

    Your Celtic Autumn is looking lovely. I'm leaving my beading til last (I think I may regret that decision). It does look super pretty with the beads on already :o)

  3. Celtic Autumn is beginning to take shape well.
    Good luck with your early mornings! my kids hate getting up early - this would just kill them!!!

  4. OMG is right! Holy cow that is EARLY! Poor you and poor P too.

    Your bead work looks great! Keep at it :o)

  5. Oh heaven's that IS early...I get up 4:45 a.m. each morning to get my rear end out for my morning constitutional walk...but that's of my own violition...that IS EARLY!
    Good luck with that all...

  6. That is sooo early! Good luck!

  7. Your Celtic Autumn looks great :D

  8. Wow, that is early. My high school started at 7:30 AM, but I lived a 5-minute drive from school and didn't have to get up that early. Heck, by the end of my senior year, I was probably getting up at 7:00. :-)

    Environmental science sounds really interesting. Way back when in my teaching days, I taught a couple Natural Resources Management classes that I really liked.

  9. Celtic Autumn is coming along great.
    That is early, my daughter has about the same time and gets out at 2:20 (middle school) early in early out.