Friday, August 1, 2008


Lurking on blogs and what do I spy? But Vonna posted pics of the new Prairie Schooler's charts. *sigh. So I HAD to visit the online version of my LNS and order a copy.


what to I spy on the LNS site? But the latest release of Nora's Letters! Beautiful D, E & F. Im still waiting for K and N for my sister's girls and recently thought about doing ones for my step-b-i-l's girls so I also need H and order B, the girls are all around the same age (under 10). My goal here is to get them as they come out, stitch, and then hand out all at on the same Christmas.

Bit of a stretch as I seem to have ADD when it comes to stitching - work on a rotation and then "oh, sparklie!" and before I realize it my 5 WIPs have grown to 20

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