Monday, August 18, 2008

Dragon Wings

Ive been working on Mine All Mine today. Even on the train! Well until I found a boo boo and stopped before it got worse. The left wing is almost done as Ive begun the back-stitching, which P decided to use 500 instead of 415 or a darker gray for the back-stitch on the dragon.

Wish I had more to share but have a muscle spasm in my back that is making life difficult (grrr)

Thanks for stopping by and big thanks for "signing" the last post! That was a fun game. Im still trying to get to others, letting them know that Im around - lurking ;o)


  1. I don't thinnk I know what Mine All Mine looks like so it'll be fun to see as you post your progress.

  2. I like the colours of this one. You seem to be making good progress despite the pain in your back.

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  4. Mine All Mine is looking lovely, this is such a fun pattern. Loved your earlier posts of Needleworker and House. The sunflowers in that are so bright and cheerful. Sorry your back is bothering you, hopefully it is better soon.

  5. I like this pattern :o) You've chosen a very nice color to stitch it on too.

  6. This is really interesting! Nice choice of greens - so far.

    Take care of your spasms. Sounds like quite a challenge to deal with!