Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dad Update

***May contain graphic material, viewer discretion advised***

It was a good day for Dad today.

He went in to surgery today so they could check the big wound on his right side and replace the vacuum assisted closure and check that spot, the wound on his left and arms. They did have to remove more areas on his arms but the main wound on left and the large one on his right are looking good.

More dialysis today as the kidneys are still not working, but that is expected. This will be evaluated on a day-by-day basis as well as the ventilator assisted breathing.

They did lower the amount of pain meds they've been giving him so they could get responses, see if he could/would still move toes and fingers (so far so good :o) )

He opened his eyes when Mom and I were in the room earlier, after the OR trip and nodded his head when his brother Grant went to visit.

Next planned OR trip is Tues when they will evaluate the change of the V.A.C covering on the right side and change it to a more permanent dressing. Then soon after that we can hope he can be off the ventilator.

Thank you for all the wonderful thoughts and prayers being sent his and our way.


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  2. Try again. It certainly sounds like your Dad is heading in the right direction, you must be very relieved.

  3. You and your family are still in my thoughts Rachel. ((((HUGS))))