Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dad Update

About the Dad updates.

My blog is read by a number of relatives outside the PacNW and is easier to update so we can spend more time with Dad.

***May contain graphic material, viewer discretion advised***

Good news and bad news on the Dad front.

We did find out what is causing the infection - Strep A. They do have antibiotics specific to the bacteria and he is on other medication to battle toxins.

Bad news - Dad had to go back under the knife again yesterday morning. Got the call from Chris (BIL) that the infection had spread. So off I went to pick up Mom, get her to the hospital and meet with the Dr's to find out what was going on. There were new spots on his arms as well as the 2 initial areas that were operated on on Wed. While the Dr's were not sure how far the infection had spread, they were optimistic as Dad's vitals were good - breathing well, blood pressure was good.

Good News - He came through the operation wonderfully. Vitals were great, breathing was good. They did have to take a good amount from his right side, so now he has from just under his right armpit to the groin (along the side) cut out. A bit more on his left but not near the amount as is on his right. A large soup spoon size from his left arm and a bit from his right shoulder area. He was pretty sedated last night but we were able to get in and see him.

His sister and younger brother stayed over last night. We are blessed that the family lives close enough to make many visits during the day. 2 brothers live in the Portland area, 1 in Graham, WA and sister lives in Kenniwick, WA.

D and the boys came to the hospital yesterday during the surgery. I wanted the boys close in case anything worsened and thankfully the outcome was good. It was still great to spend time with them and have somewhat of a normal afternoon. D and I sitting, he playing on his phone, me stitching and the boys playing on DS or reading or goofing off or making comics. And having everyone not talking about the operation and talking about silly normal stuff.

The hospital staff is absolutely fantastic. The Dr's are taking their time making sure we understand what is going on, the nurses are doing the same and able to provide comic relief when it is most needed. The PM nurse had Mom laughing harder than she has in months just talking about how she got into being an ICU nurse. It was wonderful to see Mom laugh during this nightmare.

Today Im taking a bit of a break. Im taking my cousin Diane and Aunt Martha (Dad's sister, Diane's mom) to A&T for Sat Open stitch group. It will be a good break for all of us, and a fun one as well. This afternoon will be spent with D and the boys and I will head back to the hospital after dinner unless I am called back earlier. Lisa and Chris will be staying over with Dad tonight and I may take the Sunday shift. It would be the last one I can take until next week as the kids start school this week.

I appreciate all the warm thoughts, prayers and {{hugs}} everyone is sending :o) You all are a great support group.


  1. Keeping your Dad in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Enjoy your A & T break! Your dad will continue to be in my prayers.

  3. You've really got your hands full but I'm happy to hear your dad came through the operation okay :o)

    I have never heard of this infection before and was wondering just how he contacted something like this????

    Your family is going through so much. I have been thinking of you Rachel. ((((HUGS))))

  4. It was good to see you at A&T...sure hope your dad is doing better!!!! Will keep him in my prayers.

  5. 1 - What a weird thing to have.
    2 - It sounds like things are looking up. I'm glad about that for you and yours.