Saturday, August 23, 2008

Calm Saturday

While I wasnt able to make it over to A&T for Sat stitch group, I was able to commandeer the office, get comfy in my chair, OWN the remote and stitch all day long.
LHN Neighborhood - I got started on the top house, got a couple windows in, the door is complete and the roof is on. Good thing in case it starts to rain :oP

I started working on Celtic Autumn as the frogs had started to come out and play in the Neighborhood. I thought I could get really moving on the column blocks going down the left side but I still dont have the gold beads, which are heavy in that section. So Im working on the stitching going across the top, see how far I can get ...

Closeup of the bead-work so far

Good news on the home front. DL seems to be getting better. After having a rough start to the morning, he had a long nap (thought he slept through the night) and was able to keep down crackers and toast. Then he fell back asleep watching D play video games. Wish I could say the same for my muscle. Its still pissed off and feels very bruised (weird!). Teaches me for trying to turn my alarm off in the morning!


  1. Lovely progress on your neighbourhood!

  2. I sure love the Days Gone By fabric for your LHN. Sooo pretty!

    Glad DL is resting up. Hope he feels better soon!

  3. Your LHN is looking great! Love the fabric you are using.

    You've got a good start on your Celtic Autumn but you're right, it's hard to do much when there are so many beads and you don't have them :oS

    Glad to hear DL is doing better :o)

  4. I'm back again, you just can't get rid of me...visit my blog to pick up your award!

  5. Hi, and thank you for visiting my Blog. As for the designer of the "Top Quality Carrots" piece you seen, it comes from Cross My Heart, "Everybunny Loves Somebunny". Hope this helps.