Friday, August 22, 2008

Books over stitching??

Yup. Got Fire Study from the library yesterday and finished it up this evening. There are times I hate that I was taught to speed read.

Not much stitching done today. DL (little one) gifted us at 4am this morning with being sick and its held through this evening. Poor guy. Im hoping tomorrow his little tummy will allow food.

I was able to go through my starred posts in reader, respond and add more blogs to my lurker list :o)

D has tomorrow off and Im hoping I can run away to A&T to pick up the gold beads needed for Celtic Autumn and see if my thread pack for Tanglewood is in. Yes they are 2 more projects for Moi but they are sooo pretty!

Hope to have pic updates sometime this weekend :oP


  1. Wow! That WAS fast reading ;o)

    I hope little one gets better soon :o(

  2. Hope your little bunny get's better fast! (Bunny is what I call my boys when they are not feeling well)
    I love Anita Blake too! I just got finished reading Cerculean Sins(most likely is mis-spelled)