Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stitching question


How many of you keep a journal of your stitching work? How many of those do you keep track of the number of hours spent stitching each project?

I ask because I have seen several blogs stating the number of hours a stitcher has worked on a project.



  1. I like to take pictures about once a week of my progress but I don't keep track of the amount of hours. That's too much time taken away from stitching! :)

  2. I try to keep track of when I start and finish least I start off every year doing that. It kind of falls by the wayside as the year goes on! But I don't keep track of the number of hours each project's too hard to remember to do that!

  3. I used to track my hours on a project. I had a "punch clock" on my PDA that I would click when I started and finished. My thought was that I would be able to estimate how long something would take based on past projects. Well, every project is so different.... Also, you get into questions like, Do you track frogging time? Restitching time? Anyway, I eventually abandoned it, but I do find that it's kind of fascinating when I look back at projects now that I did track time for. So maybe I should start again! =)