Thursday, July 10, 2008

Down with Poison Oak/Ivy

yup. That is the gift my yard gave me for giving it lovin's last weekend. So not fair if you ask me. Right now its only covering the back of my knees and thankfully I have a wonderful Dr who gifted me cream for eczema that works wonderfully for Poison Oak/Ivy.

Now back to Thursday! I did pull out Happy Home Sampler but really didnt get much accomplished. A flower and part of a row completed. Its such a pretty piece to work on :)

I was able to sneak a day off tomorrow (hehe) so I can stay home with my issues and stitch my sorrows away (see, sneaky). I may drag my minions out with me to A&T to see if there is anything new in that needs to come home with me. D has plans to hit Ikea this weekend which is telling me I may not make it to open stitch group Sat. Two missed Saturdays in a row (*sniff) makes me sad...

Thx for visiting :)

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