Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The day after...

seems quiet so far. D's surgery was yesterday morning. I was able to complete a good part of the house on Needleworker while waiting. I will post pics of that later today. I was too pooped to do anything yesterday afternoon/evening. Bed time for me was well before 10pm!

Yesterday was another full of firsts. I wont go into details - a bit TMI. Im hoping the cysts arent genetic or I may be training the SO's of my boys when they get older on what to plan for...

Right now D is laying on the aero bed in the great room watching TV (no meds yet today) and the boys are in the office playing games and watching movies. Im hoping the weather holds out a bit so I can toss them outside for a bit this afternoon.

I will write more later and show updates of WIPs :)

thanks for stopping by.

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