Friday, May 2, 2008


Yea! annual school carnival time! D and I were called about a month ago to volunteer at one of the booths during this insane evening of fun and for once, we accepted. THEN D asked to bow out - leaving me to go on alone. I didn't mind, his posterior is still bothering him and after a day at work, standing last thing he needs is more standing. So off to the school the boys and I went. I had ASSuMEd that as last year was pretty lite as far as attendance, it would be the same this year. Even more so with us going later in the evening. NOT SO! O M G the number of kids was astounding. The lines to the fun blowup "games" (monkey gym, obstacle course and giant slide) were about 30min long. So with me having to volunteer at one of the games, DL was limited to what he could do. Then with the game I was at, I had to pull P from whatever he wanted to do. Both still got cotton candy (sticky pink candy). And both said they had fun helping mom out at the game. I owe them both something fun, I told them ice cream but now I'm wanting to find something other than a food source as a thank you.

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