Sunday, April 27, 2008

Humming birds

Sitting in our office, trying to get up energy to do ANYTHING and while I was wasting time looking out the window, I saw a tiny humming bird. At first I thought it was a huge bug but then saw it land on several flowers. D told me that we have had several visit our yard, the neighbor has several flowering trees and we apparently have a flowering bush they like. Now I want to get a feeder so I can see them more upclose.

I started a new project, one I hope will be completed before Christmas this year (lol) Its part of the Welcome Spring duo from Stoney Creek's April 2008 mag. I know someone who likes bunnies and this one would be a nice addition to her collection. I've actually worked on it for 2 days in a row - mostly as it got too warm to sit in front of the computer :^p. I will try and get pics on the scanner soon. At this moment I am working off a spare computer as my power supply (we hope) died, so I cant print or use the scanner. Adding to the fact that I cannot find the charger for my camera batter. Life for picture taking is not looking good.

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