Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another day, Another computer bites the dust

Apparently D's computer heard us talking about spending money to fix mine and decided it needed to be in on the fun. D has been busy the last couple of days trying to figure out what is up (it keeps rebooting, Fun!) and today found a fan (for some chip, no not the main chip) is toast so he cannibalized an old motherboard to see if that fan would work. In for a pound eh?

Sad thing is I'm not able to take pics of the WIP I'm doing for m-i-l. I'm pretty pleased with myself, Ive worked almost 4 days in a row. 3 days, 4 nights - even during lunch today (well, I really needed to get away from the computer and have a Lunch!). At the rate we are going, I may have to snag time on a scanner at work to get a pic of my work. So far I have most of the Spring sign done and the shirt. I'm working on back stitching of the shirt, where I can just so that will be done. I hate back stitching!

Mom and Dad bought a new car (well, new to them), a Honda Odyssey. Good choice I thing. It has all the bells a whistles that made DL swoon. First thing he told me about the new car was that the side doors open and close all by themselves! Dad then took the kids out to ride their bikes while we had a break in the hail and rain. Now I'm just waiting to hear the hell from my sister about Mom and Dad getting the car. *sigh


  1. Your sister doesn't think they should get a new car?

  2. She has different thinking of what they should spend their $$ on than they do. I think it was a good decision as the have one econ car and a gas hog truck. So now they will have to econ cars and still have the truck.