Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Why so noisey?

Homer, the noise maker cat. Who for some reason has recently chosen the wonderful time of 12 - 1 am for bear time. At which time he proceeds to march around the house with his stuffed bear in his mouth and meowing as loud as he possibly can. To have bear time any other time brings too much chance that someone might see him, walking around with a stuffed bear in his mouth. Cant have that!

Now instead of pestering the two minions I have delegated feeding and watering to, he pesters me to feed him. Feeding time isn't until 8pm, NO SOONER. The pestering begins at 7pm with him following me around the house, meowing every now and again or patting my arm if I am sitting in a chair or bumping my chair. As if that is going to get me moving.
At the appointed time, I call out to the minion who's turn it is for feeding (don't ask me why this is such a kewl thing to do, I'm thankful just the same) and let them know it is 8pm. As soon as he hears the rustling bag, off he goes!

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