Saturday, November 10, 2007

Look out for the Deer

I'm on my way home from visiting with Mom and a deer strolls across the road 1/4 mile ahead of me. Residential area here, not rural. So as I was unable to take a picture (it was dark) I called mom to let her know.

other news on the home front - I took more pictures today of the house. More of look how various rooms are from different vantage points. Still a bit pointless as the walls are not up yet and in most of the pictures it just looks like a bunch of studs with wires or pipes running through them. D was checking out what needs to be done to make the satellite, antenna and broadband connections happy. Now is the time to do this as insulation and walls are not in yet. The new pictures have been posted to Flickr for your viewing pleasure.

I was able to almost complete the smaller of the poinsettias on Faith tonight while watching season 1 of Boston Legal. Wishful thinking has me believe I may have this finished sooner rather than later but reality has me remembering there is quite a bit of back stitching to be completed once all the X's have been placed.

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