Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oh the changes we can see

Lots has happened since the last post. More pictures have been added. To sum up, the entire inside of the house has been gutted! Yes, Jim did warn me it was coming but it was still a shock to come home from PAX'07 and see studs.

Since then, the new part of the house has subfloor and framing. I can start to see the boy's rooms coming into focus. I did notice a window in the master closet I will have to ask about as I thought we would be having full length closets. Not sure how that will work with the window placed where it is.

Went to get the mail today and had a shock. Seems Parr Lumber took out the mail post and all the boxes connected to it. Thankfully it happened before the mail had been delivered. I finally found our box in the dumpster during a call to Jim to find out what happened.

Oh the joys of remodeling...

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