Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Let the DEMOLITION begin!

The demo on the house has begun! Actually it started last Thursday. I’m planning on posting pics as often as I can just so everyone can join in on the fun!

First off let me explain what will be done. Our current house is roughly 900 sq ft. A tad small for a family of 4 (includes 2 growing boys) and a fat house cat. When completed, the house should be a bit less than 1700 sq ft, almost double in size! What will we do with the space?!? (According to my sister? I’m holding Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Riiight)

Both kids will get their own room; I’m waiting to hear the excuses from DL on who messed up his room (darn gremlins!). I will have a terrific Master Suite and bigger kitchen complete with dishwasher.

Check out the plans :)

The light and dotted lines are part of the current house, dark lines is all the new.
General Contractor: W.I.N. Construction, Jim Cunningham 503-209-6908
Design & Drafting: accUcon Construction Consultants 503-259-0207

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