Sunday, June 3, 2007

One foot in the Grave

Want something fun to read? Do you like reading sarcastic wit? Try Wm. Mark Simmons series with main character Chris Csejthe (pronounced "Chay-tay"). The first book is One foot in the Grave, followed by Dead on my Feet and Habeas Corpses. Simmons does a great job of giving the reader a fun time with how Chris deals with becoming a not-quite vampire. Simmons follows up the trials and tribulations of Chris by including a history and research lesson.

I fell onto this series by purchasing book #3 resently and finding out that it was the third in a series and had to search high and low for book #1. Apparently the local library doesnt really want to loan out vampire books. Thank god for Powels Books as I was able to find book 1 & 2.

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