Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Socks take 2

I have a toe!


Reduex after the nasty start of yeasterday.  Much thicker yarn and bigger needle and single sock.

I can see that my only main issue from yesterday was missing the one kfb that I really couldnt go back and fix since I had two socks going.  The fact that only 2 rows in and it was looking fugly was ok and it would work all the fugly out in due time – I just needed to give it that. Oh and get all the correct stitches in.

So I will work on this sock and see if I can get it finished.  Work all the kinks out so to speak on a sock that wont get a sock-friend but will be cherished as being First.

For those interested, here is the pattern Im ‘working’ off.


Im not doing M1 but kfb instead. 

M1’s and I have agreed to disagree and stay in our separate corners for now. 

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