Sunday, May 18, 2014


While Im partially shocked its been almost a full month since Ive posted here, Im not surprised.  Its been a full month.

Work – this is where Ive been pretty much living the last month.  There are enough projects on my plate to keep 2 people very busy for the next 2 years but its getting crammed onto 1 person and everything is hitting at once to be completed close to the same time.

Thankfully I have walking and crafting to keep me sane.  Walking gets me out of the office/house and crafting gets me to a zen.

Im still knitting away, hardly picked up any cross stitch, and I need to get some pics done of what Ive been knitting on.

But until then I’ll just talk about them

Norse Runes – Working on the EI square.  Im still working out in my head how these all need to be strung together into a slightly larger blanket and as my gray matter is busy with work stuff, Im keeping to the ease of following an simple pattern and not worry about the stringing until later.

Ten-Stitch Blanket – I started this to use up all the yarn ends Ive got lying around. Some arent long enough to be used in a granny square but perfect for this.

Tree of Life Bag – I wanted a nice bag for the summer.  Now Im not sure if this will be completed for summer or if it will be as small-ish as Im hoping.  Time will tell.

Tea Cozy – not your normal tea cozy but D got the cutest small (4cup) tea pot and requested a cozy for it and this is what he picked out.  I started it yesterday as my first project using double knit but got confused on what needed to go where and ripped it all out.  I may just do it as a stranded project and do something else for a double knit.

Hope to share pics soon!

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