Friday, March 28, 2014

Bucket List

Ive made the decision that what is needed to live for ever is to fill my crafting bucket list to over-full and to kit up enough projects that I can never die as you cant leave projects uncompleted.

What brought me to this you ask?  A couple of items really. 

D has demanded a Jayne Cobb Hat.  And to really make a good one, one must knit.  Sorry but any crochet version just wont cut it and the crochet patterns Ive seen arent Jayne’s Hat.

So I recently learned how to knit.


(more finishes.  Runic letters B & A)

Ive gotten comfortable enough with the knit and purl that Ive moved on to making letters (above).  I found patterns for 24 runes that I have plans to make into a blanket.  The letters are nice and easy enough that Im able to get into that zone stage and just loop the yarn.

And I cant believe how little yarn Ive used so far!  Im 2.5 letters in and I have a good 1/2 of my Red Heart SS skein left and I think I can get at least 5 letters done with this one skein.  With Crochet I may be only two letters in, depending on what stitch I used.

This new hobby/lifestyle/obsession has me adding even more to my Ravelry wish list, more patterns to my need to do list, and more tangles to my Pinterest boards – all screaming for me to work on them some day.

THEN (more stuff!) Ink Circles released 2014 RYO pattern.  I was on the fence about joining this year as I still havent come close to finishing the one (of two) I started last year but dang it the latest color combo posted on FB today changed my mind.  I know – me passing on one of Tracy’s charts can be shocking but I was trying (really!) to pause on all the kitting projects as I have a ton already.

So as you can see, my lists are ever growing and I need to do them all, therefor I can never die.  Makes total sense to me.

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