Monday, January 27, 2014

Busy Day

Boys had a day off and I decided to join them today.  Some time was spent playing with dehydrator recipes, more time spent as a taxi and finally some time spent on stitching.


Yesterday I spent time dehydrating pears we got at Costco Sat.  Good thing I didn’t wait as they were ripe and perfect for slicing.  They don’t have much of a taste dried though.  Not like a Granny Smith or Braeburn apple.  I also dried Pink Lady apples Sat.  They are ok but I prefer the other two apples.  I want to try a Honey Crisp – I hope they are yummy dried.

Today I made kale chips using the dorito popcorn topping I found last year.  I may have cooked them a bit too long but they are nice and crunchy and very tasty.  Much rather spend under $4 for kale and have enough for 3-4 store bought bags than spend the $$ on the store bought.

Its been fun dehydrating foods.  Im waiting to see what my electric bill is at the end of the month to see just how much is being spent running the dehydrator.


I still have a floating sheep head.


oh and most of the boarder completed on Wisdom.

On DL’s blanket there needs to be more adjustment to the stripes.  I think instead of having double reds mixed in, all red stripes need to be single.


See if the purple will come out and play more that way.  It’s a good time to pause as I can keep what has been hooked so far and work it into the pattern.

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