Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Cleaning

Not much has been accomplished on stitching or eats this weekend as furniture rearranging had to be done.

One of those items moving was my bookshelf


Books bereft of shelving

The boys were shocked at the amount of books I was able to cram in 6 shelves.  Ok I do share 2 whole shelves with the family but the rest belong to me.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) during the re-placement of my library I culled quite a few.  Those I just could not bring my self to finish (I can only do so much self torture) or would never read again are in a pile to take to Powells to see if I can get credit (More Books!!) or deliver to Goodwill for others to find as treasures.


I started the Walk It Off in 30 Days challenge.  Today I got in a good 3 miles using one of Leslie Sansone’s DVDs.  Im feeling back on the grind – today makes it 4 days of 10k+ steps/day.  Im tired but it’s a healthy tired, muscles have been well used and are now ready for bed.

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