Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I am loving the sun we are getting these days.  Im hoping it stays around but not stay so hot!  High 70’s for now is just fine.


Thanks to the wonderful sun, I have been spending time in the yard getting some foodstuffs planted


Peas, Chard, Marigolds, kale – planted next to the garage where they can get some sun but stay out of the rays during the hot times of the PacNW.


A whole barrel of basil!  Well just planted seeds.  Here’s hoping the squirrels stay out now.  This was a favorite area of theirs for burring whatever this winter.


Strawberry update – over to the far lower left you might just be able to see the first red strawberry!  Lots of new growth, flowers and itty-bitty strawberries peaking out everywhere.


And finally a big NOPE!  This bugger is the larvae of a Lesser Underwing moth.  While sure the moths may look nice the caterpillar stage of these nopes like to take plants down at dirt level.  We have been finding them in the soil next to the garage and Im sure they are everywhere in the dirt.  So Im on a mission and they are not something I will be saving, unlike all the worms Ive been finding.  Not quite sure what Im going to do with the them, for now they will be dumped into a planter that is current filled with water.

Im working on another area to get some summer and fall squash planted and finding a spot for sweet potatoes.


I havent been adding much to any projects.  I found an addition issue with LHN’s Peace that had to be taken care of.  The border was off and I couldn’t see just what/where until I started on the inside.  Then the it was so glaring and not fixable that all the border had to go.  Lots of negative stitching this week.

But Im happy to say that finally as of tonight it is out – a nice easy project to do while making pancakes for this week’s breakfasts.  I have grand plans to get the border finished on Peace so I can get started on Courage.

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  1. Your garden is looking great - except for those moth larvae. Yuck to that. Sorry you had to frog.