Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Dragon of Water

Dragon of Water 2-5-13

I swear this Dragon is really testing my resolve.  I found another area where a whole row was completely omitted by yours truly.  Difference on this one is Im pretty sure I can fudge the difference where there was no way I could do so on the first error I found.  I just have to figure out how to get the wings done just so to make this error as transparent as I can.


Dinners have been a bit boring this week as finding things easy for P to eat has be pretty much back at easy Mac & Cheese from a box.  Im getting down right bored but this “plan” has side benefits of also providing him with an easy lunch to eat the next day.  Im hoping that by the weekend his poor jaw/mouth can handle tougher things like bread and peanut butter.  Even Ham! 

I can hope right?  I have a pork roast and bbq sauce that is screaming for time in the slow cooker.

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