Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ugh braid

Im now remembering why I put this gem back in the WIP pile, Kreinik Braid.  Love the dragons – hate the braid.  But it does add to the picture so the braid stays.


Yesterday I focused on getting the DMC done and out of the way, leaving the braid for last.  Now Ive got just one braid color to add and backstitching and this little one can join two others (Peace & Fire) on the finished pile.  Air and Water were started during the craziness of the 15 Jan starts of 2011.

Tonight I used my Ninja cooker as a crockpot.  Cooked a small pork roast using stir fry sauce.  So nice to sear in the same container I slow cook in.  Pork stayed moist but the sauce was a bit too salty for me.  Still good.  Plan on making this again but with a teriyaki sauce maybe.

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