Monday, November 12, 2012

Fall Finish

Fall Mandala is finished!


And with one Ink Circle Finish another will hopefully take its place soon

image as of 11/5

image as of 11/10

Ive also started another blanket (some of the squares can be seen in the 11/10 photo above.  It will be a basic granny and will be wonderful to use when camping – easy wash.

I had started a shawl project with the yarn Im using for the granny afghan but its just not coming out as I had envisioned.  So Im in the process of ripping out everything.  In doing so I was able to try out creating my own pull-from-the-center yarn ball, a wonderful find on Pinterest.  Worked wonderfully


Yarn on cardboard tube (from paper towels).  Photo bombed by Loki


Yarn ball off tube, hanging thread ready to be pulled from center.  This sucker is tight and Im not expecting any trouble from it.


Smaller yarn ball from left-over skein.  Thought it would be easier to hook from this on the train than fight with end-of-skein knots.

Im very pleased with how these yarn balls turned out.  I have more to rip out from the original shawl and will create another ball from that.  So easy!

Off to save Loki from a box.  There are times I wonder what goes on in his head…


  1. Beautiful finish! I love the Xmas ornament too.
    Very cool yarn ball.

  2. Love your Fall mandala. Have you stitched all four yet?

    1. Fall is my first one. I have designs on starting Winter sometime next year but I have so many Ink Circle charts in some form of wip that I need to finish them up before starting new ones :)