Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Virus, 0–Me, 3

Ok, its been 3 days and at least 5 mugs of the chai and I feel ok.  The weather is finally getting the clue that its fall and the rain is on the way.  I think that’s partly why my head is at times feeling like its imploding.  We shall see.

In more prep for the wonderful flu/cold season I got my flu shot today.  I hate that in order to keep somewhat well you have to get a shot that makes you want to rip your arm off to stop the ache that you cant get rid of.

Boys will get theirs Friday as Im a loving mom who really hates when the minions share their ills with me.  Its self preservation!

Tonight’s dinner is Baked Spaghetti. 


(Pic taken before tossing into oven)

While the crock is wonderful in saving prep time in the evenings, it can get boring.  Which reminds me I need to share the disaster of a dish I made earlier this week.  Ok, it wasn’t a disaster but paste may have had more flavor than this dish did.  And no I don’t think adding more spices would have helped.  That’s for another day Smile

Well the timmer is going off – Dinner is ready and minions are starving (as all teenage boys seem to be)


(update pic taken after baking – yumm!)

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  1. Your baked spaghetti looks very good. I made a version very similar to it.