Monday, June 25, 2012


Wow its been a month!  The man of the house had his birthday, school ended without too much tragedy, the family went on a wonderful, albeit wet, vacation (it’s the PacNW, cant really expect much more than that) and I only had to work for 15 min of that vaca (a miracle!).

And to top it all off I will have a 15 yo in the house as of the end of next week!  ACK!  (Ive been told “Im not in any hurry to learn how to drive nor get my license mom…”)

The vacation was spent camping at the Oregon Coast.  Beverly Beach was wonderful as always.  Little to no bugs (not counting the ants – nasty huge black ones at that), found a couple salamanders during walks


Saw the infamous Dock from Japan at Agate Beach


Did get to enjoy a bit of sun


And of course had s’mores!


End of the week had us at KOA Astoria/Seaside.  I havent been to a KOA since I was little and don’t remember much of how the parks were then.  The amenities were nice (indoor pool, game room, laundry, free all you can eat pancakes and other activities).  The added “bonus” of mosquitos were unbearable!  We were pretty much prisoners in our trailer, unable to even make it to the truck without dive bombers trying to get a meal.  Im still shocked I got out of there with only two bites.

Watched the boys play a bit of chess @ KOA


With all that going on I did find ways to sneak in a bit of crochet work.  I got a block of P’s blanket completed (good for repetitive, none thinking work at campfire time) and another started and finished two more hex for mine (inside trailer or truck and away from campfire smoke).  I brought yarn to work on DL’s but didn’t have a good time to pull it out.

Next main focus is getting our lawns turned into gardens.  More on that later Smile


  1. It sounds like an awesome vacation!

  2. GREAT vacation - I remember those, had one 6 years ago...

    I have been awarded a blog award, and have chosen to pass it on to you :)

    I usually don’t do these things, but decided to play along this time. No pressure if you don’t want to/have time, etc. – I completely understand!