Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I was able to join in IHSW this weekend, even with taking a day to visit with family.

I spent most of the weekend adding to my hex pile, as of Sunday I had 12 completed.  Ive slowed down and have only added 2 more since then.  Here is a pic of 13 completed hex

Turtle Afghan 1-24-12

Only combo missing is black/purple.  Personally, Im not liking the combos and will make the black/purple to make everything even (one of each) and concentrate on solids going forward.

I also pulled out two cross stitch projects and added a length of string to each.

Renaissance Angel

R-Angel 1-25-12

Snowy Christmas Quaker Style

Snowy Christmas 1-25-12

Hope others had a good IHSW weekend and good luck on all your WIPs

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  1. great progress on your hexes and your stitching is lovely